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What We Offer

Impress visitors & staff with our high-quality cleaning services, including:

  • Stripping, waxing, & buffing hard floors
  • Regularly cleaning & maintaining floor mats
  • Dusting & wiping down shelves, product displays, and fixtures
  • Cleaning windows & glass doors
  • Cleaning parking lots & sidewalks
  • Wiping down conveyor belts & scanner equipment
  • Disinfecting high-touch surfaces
  • Freezer & cooler cleaning
  • Cleaning & disinfecting shopping carts and baskets
  • Thoroughly cleaning & disinfecting restroom facilities
  • Exterior cleaning including windows & signage
  • Emptying & cleaning of bins
  • Sweeping & mopping the sales floor
  • Air freshening & odour control

What our Customers
are Saying About



Got their 2 hour free clean for our supplement store and was very happy with their service. Now, they have been cleaning weekly and consistently bringing high-quality cleaning results.

What our Customers
are Saying About



Was referred to by a friend and I must say, boys were very profesional. Efficient and punctual we had our small offices cleaned and when i came in after the job had finished, their wasn't a spec of dust or dirt, will be hiring them for our main office and warehouse. Thank you boys always willing to help those who aspire.

What our Customers
are Saying About



Super easy communication, quality clean and affordable. Glad we made the switch to CleanOne!

What our Customers
are Saying About



CleanOne Commercial is amazing! Would definitely recommend their services to anyone. Their team has been incredible. The crew is always punctual, friendly, and through. If you want a fantastic cleaning service for your business, choose them.

What our Customers
are Saying About



Booked the team for our offices window cleaning, they did a thorough job and didn't leave a spot untouched. Impressed with their attention to detail! Great work.

How We Help
Clean Supermarkets

We work closely with supermarket management to create a customised cleaning plan that meets each supermarket’s specific needs and budget while ensuring a clean and safe shopping environment for customers and employees. We bring open communication and flexibility to provide effective supermarket cleaning services.

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Australia’s Supermarket Cleaning Specialists

At CleanOne, we specialise in providing top-notch supermarket cleaning services around Australia. Our team of experts ensure the thorough disinfection of high-traffic areas, creating a healthy workspace for all employees and visitors alike. Our team is well-versed with the most recent health and safety regulations, ensuring we leave your supermarket to not only comply but exceed local expectations and impress customers.

The importance of regular cleaning for supermarkets are the following:

Customer Satisfaction

A clean and well-maintained supermarket enhances the overall shopping experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Shoppers are more likely to return to a clean store and may spend more time browsing and buying when they feel the environment is pleasant and hygienic.

Health and Safety

Maintaining a clean supermarket is crucial for the health and safety of both customers and employees. Regular cleaning and disinfection help prevent the spread of illnesses, reduce the risk of accidents due to spills, and ensure that food products remain safe and uncontaminated.

Compliance & Regulations

Supermarkets must adhere to strict hygiene and safety regulations set by local health authorities. Failure to meet these standards can result in fines, legal issues, or even temporary closures. Cleaning services help supermarkets maintain compliance with these regulations.

Pest Control

Supermarkets are susceptible to pest infestations, which can damage products and pose health hazards. Regular cleaning services can help prevent and detect pest issues early, reducing the need for costly extermination measures.

Reduce Work Sick Leave

A clean workspace minimizes the spread of germs and viruses, creating a healthier environment for employees. By maintaining a clean and sanitized supermarket, you can help prevent the transmission of illnesses, resulting in fewer sick days and increased productivity among your staff.

Increase Employee Productivity

A clean and organized workspace fosters a more focused and efficient work environment. Employees can concentrate better in surroundings that are tidy and clutter-free. Moreover, a clean supermarket reduces distractions and promotes a positive atmosphere, resulting in heightened productivity and improved overall performance.

Compliance & Regulations

Maintaining a clean and sanitized workplace ensures that you meet the necessary standards and requirements set by regulatory authorities. It is important to hire professional cleaners who are well-versed with these regulations. By prioritizing regular cleaning, you create a safe and compliant environment, protecting your business from potential legal consequences.

Cost & Time Effective

Regular cleaning helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and damage that could lead to costly repairs or replacements. Additionally, it saves time that would otherwise be spent on more extensive cleaning tasks. By investing in routine cleaning, you can maintain a clean and organized supermarket environment efficiently, ultimately saving your business time and money in the long run.

We Are Fully Accredited

We centre our business on best practices, professional expertise, and a dedicated commitment to health and safety. We’re fully compliant with all legal obligations and have a team of fully certified cleaners.

Our Quoting Process

How we calculate our quotes:

  • The overall size of the entire supermarket cleaning area
  • The complexity of the supermarket layout
  • The required frequency of the cleaning services
  • The specific cleaning task and services required

Our Supermarket Cleanign Services Operate Australia Wide

The only cleaning company you’ll ever need.

We offer cleaning services tailored to the unique requirements for all types of supermarket spaces. From small to large corporations, CleanOne brings a professional team of cleaners that helps your supermarket be a healthier and safer space, made for a optimal productivity.

CleanOne makes cleaning easy, we cover all the regular cleaning needs for a busy supermarket. From sanitizing of high touched areas to the deep cleaning of floors and windows, our expert team is well-versed with the most leading-edge cleaning equipment and techniques allowing us to cover a wide range of needs.

We utilize eco-friendly and work-safe cleaning products, ensuring the utmost safety of both staff and workers.

Contact us today so we can better understand your supermarkets cleaning requirements!


What services does your supermarket cleaning service provide?

Our cleaning service offers a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions tailored to supermarkets, including general cleaning, restroom maintenance, floor care, window and glass cleaning, and more. We can customize our services to meet your specific needs.

How often should I schedule cleaning for my supermarket?

The frequency of cleaning depends on the size, foot traffic, and specific requirements of your supermarket. We can work with you to create a cleaning schedule that aligns with your operational hours and budget.

How do you handle pest control and prevention in our supermarket?

Our cleaning services include regular inspections for signs of pests and prompt reporting. We can work in collaboration with pest control specialists to ensure your supermarket remains pest-free.

Can you provide after-hours supermarket cleaning to minimize disruptions to our customers and staff?

Yes, we offer flexible scheduling options, including after-hours cleaning, to ensure minimal disruption to your supermarket’s daily operations. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean store without inconveniencing your customers or employees.

How do you ensure the safety and security of our supermarket during cleaning?

Our team is trained to follow strict safety protocols and is fully insured. We can work with you to establish security measures and access control to protect your supermarket during cleaning hours.

Can you provide emergency cleanup services in case of unexpected incidents like spills, 
flooding, or accidents?

Absolutely. We offer emergency cleanup services and are available 24/7 to address unexpected incidents promptly. Our rapid response team can help minimize damage and disruptions.

We Guarantee Results.

Our team applies the standard norms of the cleaning industry to all of our clients. We are happy to help your business by taking away the cleaning hassles from you. With trained professionals, certified cleaners, and a positive reputation we ensure to deliver consistent results to all of our locations. Unlike most cleaning companies, we maintain open communication for the entirety of our cleaning contracts, aiming to consistently deliver on each facilities specific and unique requirements. Our professional cleaning team is on standby 24/7 to provide you with a customised express cleaning quote.