What’s Our Process To Getting Ready-To-Clean Residential Jobs?

Get Exclusive Booked In & Ready Residential Cleaning Jobs For Regular House Cleaning

Job Aquisition

We generate & close residential jobs ready for purchase on our open market.

  • We quote & collect the residents requirements.
  • Our sales team closes residential jobs over the phone.
  • We sell residential jobs that are ready to pay for your cleaning.

Choose Your Job

Select jobs that best suite the type of cleaning work you are looking for.

  • Choose leads based on location, date & time that suits you.
  • Select from a range of residential cleaning jobs with different cleaning needs.
  • You take full ownership of jobs purchased off us.

Collect Consistent Income

Get paid regularly for residential cleaning jobs.

  • Build your cleaning portfolio with an abundance of ready to clean jobs.
  • One-off payment for jobs with on-going cleaning work for you.
  • Invoice customers & enjoy a steady stream of income.

Choose Your Leads

Digitool will help you connect with your perfect customers. You just need to tell us your:

  • Services
  • Locations
  • Opening hours

Go Live

We’ll use our high-performance Google Ad campaign and landing page combo to send hot-leads straight to your:

  • Phone
  • email inbox

Get Results

You’ll be able to see all your Digitool leads with our real-time reporting dashboard:

  • Complete lead information
  • Call recordings
  • Estimated ROI calculator

We Make It Easy For You!

Choose Your Job

Purchase one of our many ready to clean residential jobs.

Job Confirmation

Get direct instructions & information to attend your purchased cleaning job.

Attend The Job

Attend your high quality residential cleaning job in your area & fulfil the cleaning needs listed in our job description.


Give us feedback on the job quality & continue receiving ready to clean fresh jobs on demand.

Experience a Trouble-Free, No-Strings-Attached Job: Ready to Clean Jobs That Lead to On-Going Cleaning Work.

We Generate Residential Jobs With a Range of Needs

Carpet Cleaning

Regular Domestic Cleaning

One-off Deep Cleaning

Driveway Pressure Wash

End-Of-Lease Cleaning

NDIS Cleaning

We Generate Residential Jobs With a Range of Needs

Carpet Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Pressure Washing

End-Of-Lease Cleaning

Disinfection Sanitization Service

Window Cleaning

Domestic Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Washroom Toilet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Vacuming Services

Stain Removal Services

Get Your First Residential Cleaning Job, FREE!

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Residential Cleaning Jobs

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Why cleaners like getting residential cleaning jobs from us…

Other Job Agencies

Unreliable Leads That Don’t Guarantee Work

  • Leads not exclusive to you & bidded to others
  • Jobs not guaranteed from leads
  • Unqualified leads generated from in-effective opt-in lead forms
  • Low cost quotes & jobs
  • Dealing with low-quality leads & time wasters
  • Long-term commitments & contracts
  • Expensive setup fees & hidden costs

Our Cleaning Ready Job Shop

Qualified Leads Looking For Cleaning Quotes & High Paying Jobs

  • Real time jobs & appointments – fresh cleaning jobs generated daily
  • High quality jobs quoted & closed over the phone by us
  • Jobs actively seeking high paying residential cleaning one-off & regular work
  • Choose from a range of high paying jobs from a range of cleaning cleanings
  • Jobs that lead to on-going work
  • No setup fee, no hidden costs
  • Australia based and operated
  • First Job FREE!


How do I get started with the shop and get my first job?

Getting started is easy. Simply browse the available jobs in the shop, select a job that suits your criteria, and get your first job free with our custom discount coupon. You’ll receive all the necessary job details to get started. If you are happy with the job you can continue buying jobs off us with no obligations.

What are ready-to-clean residential jobs?

Ready-to-clean jobs are cleaning opportunities we’ve already quoted and closed with homeowners or property managers. All you need to do is purchase the job, go to the location, and perform the cleaning. It’s an efficient way to find immediate cleaning work.

How do I choose the jobs that suit my expertise and schedule?

In our shop, you’ll find a range of cleaning needs, each with specific details. Browse through the available jobs and select the ones that match your skills, availability, and location.

Are there any obligations to commit to ongoing work with your platform?

There are no obligations to commit to ongoing work. You have the flexibility to choose and purchase the jobs you prefer, allowing you to manage your schedule and workload.

How do I know the quoted price is fair for the cleaning job?

We strive to offer competitive prices for all jobs. The quoted price is based on the specific cleaning requirements and market standards. You can review the details before making a purchase decision.

What if I’m not satisfied with a purchased job or encounter unforeseen issues?

If you encounter any unexpected issues or have concerns about a purchased job, please contact our support team. We’ll work with you to find a suitable resolution.

How do I get paid for the completed jobs?

Payment for completed jobs is directly arranged between you and the client. Our platform facilitates the initial connection, but the payment process is handled independently.

Can I choose jobs in specific locations or neighborhoods?

Yes, you can filter and select jobs based on their location, allowing you to find opportunities in areas that are convenient for you.

We Produce Residential Cleaning Ready Jobs Australia Wide

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