Pre-trained pest control telemarketing package

We understand the challenges faced by Aussie pest control businesses today. In a fast paced and competitive market, reaching out to businesses directly through telemarketing helps you secure qualified cleaning jobs before your competitors. CleanOne has developed an all-in-one telemarketing package including all the necessary components of having a dedicated sales team behind your business.

Account Manager

Once hiring a telemarketer, you will receive a dedicated account manager that will provide additional support in managing the database provided to the telemarketer and will be a direct point of contact to adjust any components that come along with your telemarketer(s) hired.

Training & Script

Our telemarketers are pre trained and experienced in the Australian pest control industry. With an understanding of the industry’s nuances, we provide them with a proven script able to convert a high volume of quality leads on a daily basis.

Filtered Database

Get a manually collected & filtered database containing quality customers within your businesses targeted area that have pest control needs.

Auto Dialler System

Connect with customers that have regular pest control needs before they approach your competitors. Outreach to customers  in volume with a dialer system, complete with an Australian mobile caller ID and auto-dialer.

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Why choose us?

  • Agents can start calling with as little as 24 hours notice.

  • No long term commitments or lock-in contracts, pay on a weekly basis.

  • Highly experienced telemarketers in pest control industry.

  • Precise geographic & audience targeting.

  • Reach thousands of desired customers with pest control needs weekly.

Secure quality leads regularly with

regular pest control

Commercial Pest Control

Get jobs from commercial businesses looking for larger scale work.

Industrial Pest Control

Secure work from industrial facilities & warehouses looking for your service.

Residential Pest Control

Get regular work for pest control in residential homes.

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Get key details with each qualified lead

  • Comprehensive Notes Containing Cleaning
    Requirements of Each Leads

  • Address & Location of of Leads

  • Time & Date of Job

  • Job Contact Person Details

  • Voice Recordings of Calls from Leads Converted Attached

Leads sent in real time

Previous Lead Generated – 1

Company : Coburg Dental Group
Appointment Date : 17 / 11 / 23
Phone : 0423 160 778
City : Coburg
: 127 Sydney Rd
Region : Melbourne Metro
Postal Code: 3058

Last Name : Aika
Appointment Time : 02:00 PM
Industry : Health Care
Current Cleaner: Yes
Frequency: 2x Per Week
Type: Commercial Cleaning
Contract : Yes

Notes : After speaking with the manager she had let me know that she was actively looking for her floor to be deep cleaned and after telling her about our cleaning company and processes she was keen to get a quotation from us.

Previous Lead Generated – 2

Company : MT Dandenong Hotel
Appointment Date : 20th Nov 23
Phone : 0418 591 889
City : Coburg
: 127 Sydney Rd
Region : Melbourne Metro
Postal Code: 3765

Last Name : Jenny Rees
Appointment Time : 10:00 AM
Industry : Hotel & Clubs
Current Cleaner: No
Frequency: 3x Per Week
Type: Commercial Cleaning
Contract : Yes

Notes : The manager let me know that they had been experiencing trouble with their current cleaners and were interested in receiving a competitive quote from us so that they could make sure they are happy with our pricing in the end before making the switch.

Previous Lead Generated – 3

Company : Disability Support Planner
Appointment Date : 17th Nov 23
Phone : 0417 997 999
City : Bankstown
: 192 Northam Avenue
Region : Sydney Metro
Postal Code: 2200

Last Name : NDIS
Appointment Time : 4:00 AM
Industry : Zain
Current Cleaner: Yes
Frequency: One-off to Regular Multiple Participants
Type: NDIS
Contract : Yes

Notes : After having a conversation with the NDIS support coordinator, he let me know he was looking for cleaners to fulfill his clients cleaning needs and wants us to do with his current regular cleaning.

Previous Lead Generated – 4

Company : Community Bank Statdium
Appointment Date : 06 Nov 23
Phone : 613 9438 8900
City : Dimond Creek, VIC
: 129-163 Main Hurstbridge Rd, VIC, ME, 3089
Region : Melbourne Metro
Postal Code: 3089

Last Name : Laura
Appointment Time : 10:00 AM
Industry : Gym & Fitness
Current Cleaner: Yes
Frequency: Event Only
Type: Commercial Cleaning
Contract : Yes

Notes : I had a conversation with Laura who is the club manager of her gym. She was looking for her windows and floors to get cleaned and want us to come in to do a quotation for her.

Previous Lead Generated – 5

Company : Anytime Fitness
Appointment Date : 07 Nov 2023
Phone : 03 9354 2330
City : Coburg
: 114 Bell St
Region : Melbourne Metro
Postal Code: 3058

Last Name : Cory
Appointment Time : 12:00 PM
Industry : Gym & Fitness
Current Cleaner: No
Frequency: 5x Per Week
Type: Commercial Cleaning
Contract : Yes

Notes : As their gym currently has no cleaners at the moment they are actively seeking cleaning services and are eager for us to give them a quotation for their regular gym cleaning.

Previous Lead Generated – 6

Company : Seddon Build
Appointment Date : 21 Nov 2023
Phone : 04 9323 5863
City : Thomson
: Cranstoun Ct
Region : Geekibg Region
Postal Code: 3219

Last Name : Ash
Appointment Time : 10:00 AM
Industry : Contraction Company
Current Cleaner: Yes
Frequency: One-off to Regular
Type: Commercial Cleaning
Contract : Yes

Notes : The building owner is looking for his windows to be cleaned and for us to complete his after builders cleaning for their construction company.

What’s the process?

Hire a pre-trained telemarketer

Simply hire one of our many pre-trained telemarketers for your pest control business.

Get a dedicated account manager

A dedicated account manager will allocate a database of your desired target audience to your telemarketer.

Secure cleaning deals weekly

Start getting qualified leads directly sent to you that turn into ongoing cleaning jobs and deals regularly.

Cut costs while getting more leads

In an uncertain economy, managing your business’s resources, expenses, and output can be quite stressful. Hiring and training a dedicated sales team, coupled with sourcing low quality databases, often leads to inconsistent leads and unwanted expenses.

Now, you can access a trained salesperson equipped with our carefully curated and verified databases, all for lower costs spent on ineffective online digital marketing campaigns. Take advantage of our limited-time offer today—an all-inclusive package featuring an experienced telemarketer specializing in the pest control industry.

Limited Time Offer!

Starting at (38% OFF) │ Bundle ends this month

$799 – $499 / week


  • Pre-trained telemarketers with experience in the Australian market

  • Dedicated account manager available 24/7 to address any requirements

  • Tested script, proven u0026amp; optimised to secure high quality cleaning jobs

  • Manually collected u0026amp; filtered database of the top industries with cleaning needs

  • Dialler system equipped with an Australian mobile caller ID and auto-dialler

No long term commitments, no lock-in contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How experienced are your telemarketers in the pest control industry?

Our telemarketers, previously used for our organisation, have a large expertise specifically in the Australian pest control market, ensuring a deep understanding of industry dynamics needed to convert a number of quality leads.

Do you pre-train your telemarketers?

Yes, our telemarketers all go through a vigorous training process and test of calls, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the script we provide and ability to overcome objections on calls.

Do you provide a script along with your telemarketing bundle?

Certainly, we provide our telemarketers with a script that has proven its success in our organisation for the pest control industry. Our script is adjusted based on industry changes and is tailored to generate a large volume of qualified leads on a daily basis.

Are there any lock-in contracts?

We offer flexible payment terms with no long-term commitments or contracts. You pay for your telemarketer on a weekly basis, providing financial flexibility.

How many businesses can a telemarketer reach on a daily basis?

Our dialer system, equipped with an Australian mobile caller ID and an auto-dialer, enables us to reach over 2,000 numbers daily, ensuring high-volume outreach.

What kind of database do you provide for telemarketing outreach?

We offer a custom database, which our data team has manually collected and filtered over the years, guaranteeing quality outreach to Australian residents and businesses in your targeted area that have regular pest control needs.

How does direct telemarketing benefit my business?

Direct telemarketing allows you to connect with residents and businesses in need of pest control before they approach competitors or conduct online searches, providing a competitive advantage and allowing you to secure more business.

How quickly can I get started with your telemarketing service?

We are ready to commence within as short as 24 hours’ notice, ensuring swift initiation of telemarketing campaigns to meet your business needs.

What cleaners are saying about us

Hirusha - JAK Property Solutions

When I started my business, I had a simple goal to build a sustainable cleaning business where I could own and manage many commercial cleaning locations. We faced a major challenge with getting quality leads and consistent contracts.It was a constant struggle to find businesses that needed our services at the right time as many of the online marketing we had tried failed. Since hiring CleanOne’s telemarketers, our calendar is always filled with new jobs and leads which have allowed us to secure many cleaning contracts and grow our business.

What our Customers
are Saying About

Tajul - TAJ Cleaning Services

Managing a business in the competitive commercial industry is not easy, I just wanted to secure more long-term contracts and establish a solid reputation in the industry in my small town of Hobart. We were struggling with inconsistent leads and it felt like we were stuck in the same place for a while. Since working with CleanOne, they have been able to get their telemarketing team to call the exact businesses I was looking for and it was like having a dedicated team solely focused on bringing in quality contracts for us. We're now winning contracts regularly, and our business has a reliable flow of work.

What our Customers
are Saying About

Kushan - VicStar Cleaning Melbourne

Our initial goal was simply to scale our commercial cleaning business and take on more contracts. We hit a roadblock with securing cleaning deals consistently and our business lacked having a flow of work coming in.We had spent time and money on search and SEO marketing that weren't delivering the results our business needed to succeed. Since hiring a telemarketing team from CleanOne we finally had a reliable source of quality leads. CleanOne, you've been a stepping stone in our success journey.

What our Customers
are Saying About

Jay - Bebrite Wollongong

I just want to take some time to give a huge shout out to CleanOne who have been a big part of the reason our business has grown and been running for this long. Since partnering with CleanOne , they provided us with a telemarketing team which they had personally trained for the Australian commercial cleaning market. The leads picked up quickly and we now have a source of qualified leads on a weekly basis. The difference with having your own telemarketing team is day and night. Thanks CleanOne.

What our Customers
are Saying About

Bahauddin - Madani Services

With Australia’s commercial cleaning industry being very competitive currently, quality lead generation was a constant challenge for us. We struggled to find businesses that needed our services, and it was hindering our growth and stability in the market. We had previously tried other online marketing strategies such as Facebook ads which had little traction but since starting with our own telemarketing team, it had become the turning point for our business. Thanks, CleanOne, for being our partner in growth.

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