Whats Our Process To Get You Cleaning Leads?

Get Exclusive Pre-Qualified Commercial Cleaning Jobs & Leads Looking For High Paying Quotes

Choose Your Leads

Choose from a range of leads looking for high paying commercial cleaning jobs & quotes.

  • Choose leads based on location, date & time that suits you.
  • Select from a range of leads looking for regular jobs or cleaning quotes.
  • Custom lead filters based on their cleaning needs.

Job Confirmation

Get direct instructions & information of your purchased cleaning lead.

  • Receive a calendar booking invitation for your lead.
  • Check for our email with instruction of attending your lead looking for a cleaning quote or job.
  • Visit the location & collect their quote summary.

Turn Leads Into Contracts

Get specialised commercial cleaning contracts & high paying jobs!

  • Turn your leads into ongoing cleaning work for your business.
  • Upsell leads to your other cleaning services.
  • Build a list of loyal clients & enjoy a steady stream of income.

Choose Your Leads

Digitool will help you connect with your perfect customers. You just need to tell us your:

  • Services
  • Locations
  • Opening hours

Go Live

We’ll use our high-performance Google Ad campaign and landing page combo to send hot-leads straight to your:

  • Phone
  • email inbox

Get Results

You’ll be able to see all your Digitool leads with our real-time reporting dashboard:

  • Complete lead information
  • Call recordings
  • Estimated ROI calculator

We Make It Easy For You!

Choose Your Lead

Purchase one of our many qualified cleaning leads available.

Job Confirmation

Get direct instructions & information to attend your purchased lead/job.


Attend the high quality lead & provide a quote based on their commercial cleaning needs.


Give us feedback on the lead quality & continue receiving pre-qualified fresh leads on demand.

Experience a Trouble-Free, No-Strings-Attached Lead: Pre-Qualified Commercial Cleaning Leads Looking For Cleaning Quotes & On-Going Work.

Our Qualified Leads Can Convert Into Potential Long-Term Contracts…

Gym Cleaning

Potential Contract Value Range ($5000-$70,000)

Medical Facility Cleaning

Potential Contract Value Range ($8,000-$90,000)

School Cleaning

Potential Contract Value Range ($40,000-$150,000)

Office Cleaning

Potential Contract Value Range ($6000-$80,000)

Hotel & Pub Cleaning

Potential Contract Value Range ($10,000-$150,000)

Warehouse Cleaning

Potential Contract Value Range ($5000-$70,000)

Aged Care Cleaning

Potential Contract Value Range ($50,000-$150,000)

Childcare Cleaning

Potential Contract Value Range ($10,000-$150,000)

Restaurant Cleaning

Potential Contract Value Range ($5000-$100,000)


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Get Cleaning Leads

We are so confident in our lead quality that we will provide your first lead purchase for FREE so you can assess the quality of our ready-to-attend quotes & jobs!
No questions asked.

Why cleaners like getting commercial cleaning job leads from us…

Other Agencies

Unreliable Leads

  • Leads not exclusive to you
  • No jobs or quotes guaranteed from leads
  • Unqualified leads generated from in-effective opt-in lead forms
  • Low cost quotes & jobs
  • Dealing with low-quality leads and time wasters
  • Long-term commitments
  • Expensive setup fees & contracts

Our Leads

Qualified Leads Looking For Cleaning Quotes & High Paying Jobs

  • Real time leads & appointments – fresh cleaning jobs generated daily
  • High quality leads filtered with pre-qualifying questions
  • Jobs actively seeking high paying commercial cleaning & quotes
  • Choose from a range of high paying industries looking for cleaning
  • Jobs that lead to ongoing contracts & work
  • No setup fee, no hidden costs
  • Australia based and operated


Can I test a lead before purchasing?

Yes, we will allow provide your first lead FREE with no obligations so you can assess the quality of our jobs and their relevance to your specialised cleaning.

How do you qualify leads & ensure their quality?

Our leads go through a rigorous qualification process, considering factors such as the type and size of the facility, business location, and their specific cleaning requirements. We ensure that these businesses have a genuine need for commercial cleaning and that they are actively seeking a cleaner.

What information is included with each purchased cleaning lead?

Each lead includes essential details, such as the business name, contact information, a description of their cleaning needs, time and date of quotation/job, and any additional requirements.

Are these leads exclusive to me, or will they be sold to multiple cleaning companies?

We prioritize the exclusivity of our leads. When you purchase a lead, it is made exclusively yours, reducing competition and increasing your chances of securing future business from the lead provided.

How recent and updated are your leads?

We provide real-time leads looking for cleaning jobs generated freshly everyday, ensuring that you receive the most current and up-to-date prospects actively looking for commercial cleaning services.

Do the leads you provide also turn into on-going contracts?

Leads generated from us have a likely chance to turn into a contract if the business is happy with your cleaning and quote. Once we have given you a lead you become the full owner of the job and we take no percentage if you generate a contract out of it. 

What happens if I buy a lead that cancels on me?

If a lead purchased from us cancels that is out of your control we will issue you with a complete refund of your full payment or you will receive an equal substitute quote.

We Produce Commercial Cleaning Ready Jobs Australia Wide

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