Cookie Policy

1. Introduction:
Briefly explain what cookies are (small text files used to store information).
State that your website, CleanOne Commercial, uses cookies to improve user experience.

2. Types of Cookies Used:
Essential Cookies: Necessary for the website to function and cannot be turned off in our systems.
Performance Cookies: Collect information about how visitors use the website (e.g., pages visited, loading times).
Functional Cookies: Enable enhanced functionality and personalization, like remembering user preferences.
Advertising Cookies: Used to deliver relevant advertisements and track ad campaign performance.

3. Managing Cookies:
Explain how users can manage or refuse cookies in their browser settings.
Provide links or guidance on how to adjust these settings in popular browsers.

4. Consent:
Outline how consent is obtained for cookie use (e.g., cookie banner, continued use of the website).
Mention the possibility to change consent choices at any time.

5. Third-Party Cookies:
If applicable, mention the use of third-party cookies (e.g., Google Analytics) and their purpose.
Include links to third-party privacy policies for more information.

6. Contact Information:
Provide contact details for users who have questions about the cookie policy (e.g., email address, phone number).

7. Policy Updates:
State that the cookie policy may be updated and advise users to review it periodically.

8. Effective Date: