What We Offer

Impress your members, visitors & staff with our high-quality Church cleaning services including:

  • Sanctuary Area Cleaning
  • Pew Polishing
  • Counter Disinfecting
  • Carpet Vacuuming
  • Fabric Stain Removal
  • Restroom Disinfecting
  • Surface Sanitising
  • Sacred Space Inspection
  • Ventilation Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Waste Bin Maintenance
  • Air Freshening
  • Choir Loft Cleanup
  • Nursery Sanitizing
  • Hall & Kitchen Cleanup

What Our Customers Have To Say

What our Customers
are Saying About



Got their 2 hour free clean for our supplement store and was very happy with their service. Now, they have been cleaning weekly and consistently bringing high-quality cleaning results.

What our Customers
are Saying About



Was referred to by a friend and I must say, boys were very profesional. Efficient and punctual we had our small offices cleaned and when i came in after the job had finished, their wasn't a spec of dust or dirt, will be hiring them for our main office and warehouse. Thank you boys always willing to help those who aspire.

What our Customers
are Saying About



Super easy communication, quality clean and affordable. Glad we made the switch to CleanOne!

What our Customers
are Saying About



CleanOne Commercial is amazing! Would definitely recommend their services to anyone. Their team has been incredible. The crew is always punctual, friendly, and through. If you want a fantastic cleaning service for your business, choose them.

What our Customers
are Saying About



Booked the team for our offices window cleaning, they did a thorough job and didn't leave a spot untouched. Impressed with their attention to detail! Great work.

How We Help Clean Churches

At CleanOne, our team of skilled and dedicated cleaners provides top-notch cleaning services, utilising our expertise to ensure every church is immaculately maintained and welcoming. Our specialised cleaning approach includes comprehensive communication, enabling us to grasp the distinct and special needs of each church we serve. Entrust our professionals with your church’s cleaning requirements, so you can concentrate on offering a serene and inspiring environment for your congregation!

Why Choose Us?




Responsive to

Price Beat

Eco Friendly

We Are Fully Accredited

We centre our business on best practices, professional expertise, and a dedicated commitment to health and safety. We’re fully compliant with all legal obligations and have a team of fully certified cleaners.

Australia’s Churches Cleaning Specialists

Respect for Sacred Spaces

We treat every religious artefact and altar with the utmost reverence, scheduling our services to fit seamlessly into your church’s activities without causing any disruptions.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Our expert team is trained in handling the intricate details of church architecture and decor, from stained glass windows to delicate woodwork, ensuring a thorough clean without compromising the integrity of these precious elements.

Health and Safety Focus

The well-being of your congregation is our priority. We use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products, and employ the latest techniques to ensure a hygienic, allergen-free environment for everyone who enters your church.

Our Church Cleaning Services Operate Australia Wide


How do we ensure careful treatment of sacred items during Church Cleaning?

Our team is specially trained to clean and handle sacred items and church-specific artefacts with the utmost respect and care.

Are the cleaning products and methods safe for Church congregation members?

Yes, we use cleaning solutions that are effective yet safe for people of all ages, including children and the elderly, focusing especially on areas where the congregation gathers.

Can Church cleaning be scheduled around Church services and events?

We tailor our cleaning schedule to fit seamlessly with your church’s calendar, ensuring no disruption to worship services, meetings, or other church events.

What type of specialised Church cleaning do you provide?

Our services include specialised cleaning methods for altars, pews, stained glass windows, and other areas, using techniques that preserve and protect these unique features.

Does your cleaning utilise environmentally friendly products valued by our church?

Yes, our eco-friendly cleaning approach aligns with environmental values, using products and methods that are both effective and kind to the planet.

We Guarantee Results.

Our team applies the standard norms of the cleaning industry to all of our clients. We are happy to help your business by taking away the cleaning hassles from you. With trained professionals, certified cleaners, and a positive reputation we ensure to deliver consistent results to all of our locations. Unlike most cleaning companies, we maintain open communication for the entirety of our cleaning contracts, aiming to consistently deliver on each facilities specific and unique requirements. Our professional cleaning team is on standby 24/7 to provide you with a customised express cleaning quote.