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We have made it our commitment to take the bad stigma from the cleaning industry. It is our priority at CleanOne to make sure communication is transparent from the start till the very end of our partnerships. Cleaning needs change on a daily basis, depending on a range of external factors such as constantly evolving staff, customers, weather, business changes, and much more. That’s why we are all ears when it comes to listening to our customer’s evolving needs so that we are able to deliver the best quality of cleaning for all of our industries and locations.

Our Story

Daris Badic, the founder of CleanOne, was driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to make a difference in an industry that truly matters. His journey began with a quest to find a market where he could not only solve pressing problems but also distinguish his business from the competition. This led him to the commercial cleaning sector, a vital industry for maintaining safety, hygiene, and health in businesses across Australia.

In the early days, Daris reached out to small businesses to offer cleaning services and quickly discovered a common issue: many were either handling cleaning in-house or were unhappy with their current cleaning providers. He noticed that most cleaning businesses employed casual workers or students who lacked proper training in the use of specific equipment and chemicals, leading to poor cleaning results.

CleanOne set itself apart by implementing in-depth training programs. Our approach involves accompanying each cleaner to every site, ensuring they are fully trained for the specific requirements of each location and know how to clean each space effectively. This strategy has successfully addressed the issue of declining quality that many businesses experienced after hiring a cleaner.

At CleanOne, we understand that cleaning is not just a task to be completed; it’s about understanding the unique needs of our customers and their spaces to deliver the highest quality of service. Over the years, we have developed strict protocols to comply with various sector-specific policies and have placed a strong emphasis on communication with our clients. This allows us to adapt to their evolving cleaning needs and continue to provide exceptional service.

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