About Us

At CleanOne, our purpose is clear: We’re here to redefine the cleaning industry. Our commitment to transparent communication, adaptability, and unwavering quality sets us apart. We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings, evolving into a trusted partner for businesses across diverse sectors. Discover our story and join us in our journey to transform cleaning services.

Our Mission

We have made it our commitment to take the bad stigma from the cleaning industry. It is our priority at CleanOne to make sure communication is transparent from the start till the very end of our partnerships. Cleaning needs change on a daily basis, depending on a range of external factors such as constantly evolving staff, customers, weather, business changes, and much more. That’s why we are all ears when it comes to listening to our customer’s evolving needs so that we are able to deliver the best quality of cleaning for all of our industries and locations.

Our Story

Since starting in the commercial cleaning industry with a small team, it wasn’t an easy start. Whilst cleaning countless locations and dealing with many different industries and sectors, we discovered that not many cleaning companies were able to uphold the same level of quality from the start of their contracts till the end.

We understand that it’s not just about getting the cleaning done, it’s about understanding our customers’ and location’s needs so that we are able to deliver the best quality of cleaning possible. Additionally, over the years, we have developed strict protocols within our operations to comply with different policies in certain sectors and to prioritize our communication with our clients to adapt to their ever-changing cleaning needs!

Fast forward to now, where we now have an amazing team of workers and an abundance of different locations in different industries we clean.